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Troy Smith playing for Danbury Trashers hockey team
Coach Troy Smith on the bench instructing Team Canada players
Troy Smith on ice coaching a Team Canada hockey player.

HKY-IQ by Troy Smith is a valuable skills resource for current coaches, aspiring players, and supportive parents. With specifically selected clips from professional hockey games, Troy annotates positions and plays with clear notes and descriptive  voiceovers. Troy further communicates age appropriate intricacies and insights that make the good, great. Individuals striving to become the best coach or player they can be will benefit from this digital library of smart play.

Why use HKY-IQ?

Troy Smith on seeing the ice and making the play

From Player to Coach

A respected figure in the hockey world, Troy Smith is recognized for his extensive experience as both a player and a coach, at both the amateur and professional levels. Smith's hockey journey began with a notable four-year stint in the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) playing for Peter DeBoer (Dallas Stars) which earned him invitations to participate in two NHL training camps – Colorado Avalanche and Carolina Hurricanes.

Smith went on to pursue higher education through an Ontario Hockey League and University Leadership scholarship, demonstrating his commitment to both academics and athletics. His time as a student-athlete at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia helped shape his understanding of the game from different perspectives as the varsity hockey team won the National Championship in 2004 and he obtained his Bachelor of Arts, History and Political Science.

His playing career resumed in North America and Europe, where he played professionally for two years. Uniquely, he showcased his skills on the ice for the Danbury Trashers, the team that gained widespread recognition through its profile in the Netflix Documentary series "Untold: Crime & Penalties."

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